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Information not disclosed

We may decide not to disclose open access information if there is an overriding public interest against disclosure (OPIAD). The GIPA Act requires us to publish a record of the information not released, including the reasons why the decision was made to ’not release’ the information.

The following information is not able to be disclosed as there is an overriding public interest against disclosure:

  1. any content of examination and test papers prior to the exam or test being held
  2. names and addresses of printers of the Higher School Certificate (HSC)
  3. storage locations of the current HSC examination papers
  4. names and addresses of contractors providing transport and security for HSC examination papers
  5. names and details of Presiding Officers (POs) and supervisors
  6. membership and/or procedures of examination committees
  7. committee members’ personal details
  8. disability provisions – applications and appeals
  9. disability provisions – criteria for provisions
  10. disability provisions – membership of specialist/assessor panels
  11. illness and misadventure applications
  12. student appeals (course eligibility, non-completion of course, assessment rank)
  13. illness and misadventure (and other panels) criteria
  14. student details and penalties for malpractice, breach of exam rules and non-certification
  15. names of schools which have students who have been involved in malpractice in school assessment tasks for the HSC
  16. students’ personal information
  17. Presiding Officers (POs) Handbook and Presiding Officers Daily Exam and Test Schedule
  18. markers’/SOMs’ details
  19. details of people with complaints against the administration of non-government schools
  20. syllabus writing teams
  21. membership of syllabus writing teams
  22. names/and contact information from the Board’s register of curriculum writers
  23. personal details of BOSTES staff
  24. Committee members’ personal details
  25. AMEB examiners’ details
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