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Results services

NSW Higher School Certificate results are developed using fair, rigorous and publicly accountable processes. The integrity of HSC examinations and results is a prime concern of the BOSTES, which is continually expanding its results services for students, teachers and parents.

Delivery of HSC results

HSC results will be delivered to students via email and text message from 6.00 am on Wednesday 16 December 2015. Students will also be able to access their results at the same time via their Students Online account.

Students who do not wish to receive their results by email or SMS can opt out via Students Online until 5pm on Tuesday 15 December

HSC testamurs are delivered in January. Additional printed copies of HSC testamurs, and printed copies of other HSC credential documents, are also available for a fee. Students are also able to download a PDF copy of their credentials via their Students Online account.

Read more about delivery of HSC results and results services on Students Online.

Understanding results

There is a range of resources available online to students to help clarify and explain the systems behind determining and processing HSC results. The HSC Results section of this website covers:

See the Record of School Achievement (RoSA) section for information about the RoSA or literacy and numeracy test results.

HSC Results Inquiry Centre – 1300 13 83 23

The HSC Results Inquiry Centre is a telephone service available for students to call on 1300 13 83 23 after results are released. The service offers a valuable opportunity for students to talk with experienced BOSTES staff who are able to answer questions about their HSC results or the systems behind determining and processing them.

Students can call the Inquiry Centre to discuss any concerns they have about their marks or ask specific questions about their results. Specific questions might include:

  • I never received a school assessment mark of less than 80, so why is my HSC assessment mark only 76?
  • Why was my illness/misadventure appeal unsuccessful?
  • I have an exam mark of 72 for Biology, why was I not placed in Band 4?
  • If I was ranked first in my school, why are my exam and assessment marks different?
  • My English marks are much lower than those in every other subject. Is there a mistake?

At peak times, students may experience a delay getting through to an operator.

Students are able to change their PIN on Students Online if they have lost or forgotten it.


From 16 December 2015
9.00 am – 5.00 pm (from 8.00 am on results day, and closing at 12.00 pm on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve)
Closed weekends and public holidays


The cost is 40c per call. Mobile calls cost extra.

HSC Results Check service

If a student feels that an examination mark is not consistent with their expectation, the HSC Results Check service is available via Students Online for a small fee per course. This service is an opportunity to confirm that the student’s examination marks were processed correctly. It does not involve a re-mark of examination responses.

HSC Raw Marks Report service

HSC students can request a report of their raw examination marks for each course they studied for a small fee using the HSC Raw Marks Report service available via Students Online.  Read more about how raw marks are used to determine a student's HSC results.

HSC Examination Responses service

HSC students can request a copy of their examination responses for each course with a written examination that they studied for a small fee using the HSC Examination Responses service available via Students Online.

Results Analysis Package (principals and teachers only)

How did your students perform in the HSC? Find out using RAP’s new question-by-question analysis feature.

HSC Results Analysis Package

  • This package allows teachers to identify their students’ strengths and weaknesses and to target areas for further development in their teaching and learning.
  • The new enhanced HSC Results Analysis Package enables teachers to compare their school's performance in a course to the performance of the whole state candidature on a whole course mark or performance band basis, and on a question-by-question basis (called the Item Analysis).
  • There is significant support by way of the help documentation that has been reformatted and placed under the graphs and tables to remove the need for laborious scrolling. More help is provided under hyperlinks to offer teaching and learning advice.

For more information read RAP Frequently Asked Questions.

Anomalous Results Inquiries (principals only)

Principals may seek an explanation of a student’s results or the school’s candidature in any HSC course where the performance of a student or group is below expectations. This service closes on the last working day in February. Each inquiry is thoroughly investigated by BOSTES officers and, where appropriate, supervisors of marking. The inquiry does not involve the re-marking of any examinations, nor is it an avenue for appeal.

Principals should complete the following steps before commencing an Anomalous Result Inquiry (ARI):

  1. If the ARI involves an individual student, it is best practice to first contact the student to determine if they encountered any issues in the examination.
  2. If the ARI involves a group of students, first review their results using the Results Analysis Package (RAP) to try and find an explanation for the results. The item analysis function can help to identify which question the students did not answer as expected. For assistance in interpreting RAP, contact the Quality in Credentialling Unit on 9367 8371.
  3. If the ARI involves a moderation issue, consider the following information: http://www.boardofstudies.nsw.edu.au/hsc-results/moderation.html.

For assistance in interpreting moderation issues, contact the Quality in Credentialling Unit on 9367 8371.

If the results still appear anomalous, principals may email an inquiry to: ari@bostes.nsw.edu.au. Include relevant student names and numbers and the reason for the inquiry.

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