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Respect and Responsibility

Promoting values in education

Carmel Tebutt
The Hon. Carmel Tebbutt, MP
addresses the Respect and
Responsibility Forum.
Listen to her address

Values, Respect and Responsibility

Values education permeates all aspects of school life, and respect and responsibility are important aspects of values education.

As part of the NSW Government's action plan for values, respect and behaviour in our schools, a number of school education initiatives were announced to promote the key community values of respect and responsibility. One of these was a Respect and Responsibility Forum to showcase good practice in the teaching of respect and responsibility in NSW schools.

The Respect and Responsibility Forum

The Respect and Responsibility Forum was held on 30 May 2006 at the National Australian Maritime Museum. Approximately 200 guests attended the forum, including school students, principals, teachers, parents, educational representatives from systems, sectors and boards, and community and charity groups.

The Minister for Education and Training, Carmel Tebbutt, welcomed participants and thanked them for their involvement and contribution to the promotion of respect and responsibility in schools. Lex Marinos was MC, with Kate Brennan, NSW Young Australian of the Year 2006, recipient of NSW Rhodes Scholarship 2007, and Adam Goodes, sportsman, dual Brownlow Medal winner in the AFL (2003 and 2006) , 2004 NAIDOC Sportsman of the Year as speakers.

Inspiring school initiatives

Showcase and display presentations of existing programs by schools demonstrated initiatives that have been successfully implemented to promote the values of respect and responsibility. These presentations involved students, teachers, parents and community members from government and non-government schools.

A range of dimensions of respect and responsibility, including Cultural Awareness, Inter-school Programs and Leadership, has been identified to provide scope to the selected programs and which might also be used to assist schools to recognise their current programs.

The highlights of the Forum on this website will enable more teachers in NSW schools to access information about the inspiring programs that were presented at the Forum.

More information

If you would like more information about Respect and Responsibility initiatives, please contact Board of Studies Customer Liaison.

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