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Respect and Responsibility

Promoting values in education

Caringbah High School

Video interview
Students 'hit the streets' and ask, 'what do respect and responsibility mean?'. Responses from the community and from David Simmons, Rugby League player.
Video transcript
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Video transcript

Hi, I'm Tim.
I'm Natalie.
And I'm Alex from Caringbah High.
Respect and responsibility – two simple words.
But what do they really mean?
Today we hit the streets to find out.
Natalie (interviewing passers-by):
What do you think respect and responsibility are?
Middle-aged man:
Respect for your elders.
Woman at shop:
Respect for your peers.
Young man:
For anyone really, I suppose, anyone you want to respect, or you want the respect of.
Middle-aged woman:
Having empathy for other people.
Surfie 1:
How you want people to treat you.
Surfie 2:
Respect for how they live their life – everyone's different.
Natalie (to David Simmons):
How did your time at school shape you into the person you are today?
David Simmons:
At school I had a big group of friends, at football practice as well, and it just taught me about respecting them and respecting their ideas, and who they were. Also I think my teachers played a big role in giving us challenging ideas, and different ideas, and you sort of had to decide where you stood on certain values and certain beliefs.
... and responsibility?
Middle-aged man:
Making sure I look after my kids.
Young woman:
Taking ownership for your own behaviour, your own actions, your thoughts, your feelings.
Surfie 1:
Doing the right thing.
Young man:
Like, I got a dog now - my girlfriend always told me you need responsibilities, so I got myself a dog. That's my responsibility.
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