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Respect and Responsibility

Promoting values in education

Merrylands High School

The 3 R's: Respect - Responsibility - Right Choice
The students, teacher and principal explain the importance of respect and responsibility in their diverse school community.
Video transcript
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Video transcript

Hi, I'm Liliana Mularczyk, Principal of Merrylands High School. I'm in my fifth year here. We're a school of 800 students, 64 per cent language background other than English. There are approx 54 cultures involved in that, with a significantly growing proportion of refugees. Because of our multicultural mix it is really important for us that we have responsibility and respect in everything we do.
Ms Belinda Giudice:
The projects that our school has been involved in is called 'Values in Action: Our Community Counts' and it focuses on respect, responsibility and right choice as avenues to underpin everything that happens across our school community.
Student 1:
Respect at Merrylands High School comes across from teachers, staff, students, family, community –
Student 2:
I've been able to grow up around that and then been able to show the younger students that have come up now about respecting each other –
Student 1:
– and when you work together as one instead of individuals you find life and school easier to progress.
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