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Respect and Responsibility

Promoting values in education

Cultural Awareness/Inter-School Programs/Cultural Exchange/Community Partnerships

Multicultural Australia
Explore Australia’s cultural diversity. This website provides teaching and learning resources on multiculturalism and activities to support NSW syllabuses and a variety of curricula across Australia. There is an emphasis on strategies to promote cultural diversity and tolerance. The website has been jointly developed by the NSW Department of Education and Training and the Office of the Board of Studies.
Years 5-12
This resource provides lessons that include multicultural and anti-racism topics in a range of subject areas.
Years K-12
Cultural Exchange
Schools can use this website to register interest in cultural exchange programs and find partner schools. The website provides information and ideas on developing an effective cultural exchange program. Read about successful programs which have already been undertaken by schools in promoting greater acceptance and tolerance amongst students.
Years K-12
Aboriginal Education Contexts
'This website showcases examples of school-developed context-based teaching and learning projects collaboratively developed by teachers, Aboriginal education workers and local community members.  The website materials show the educational and cultural journeys of teachers, students and community members in a range of schools and communities in rural and urban areas. Where possible these are recounted through video, audio, digital images and work samples.'
Years K-10
Kids Challenge
The Kids' Design Challenge provides a unique opportunity for primary students to participate in a real-life design task of importance to the community. Students research a topical problem or issue and generate innovative solutions. They show initiative, make decisions and manage time and resources.
Years K-6
Why can’t I live where I like?
This is a unit of work that explores the history and future of immigration in Australia.
Years 9-10
Asia Education
The Asia Education Foundation (AEF) provides schools and teachers with a range of services to engage young Australians with Asia through studies of Asia. This website provides information about the range of AEF services offered including curriculum resources and advice for schools.
Years K-12
Are you Making a Difference?
The r.u.MAD? Program is about creating and implementing student action projects that will Make A Difference in a selected community. It aims to position young people as changemakers. Teachers use the program as a toolkit to enable their students to imagine the 'big possibilities' in the world, and then to construct manageable projects which make a local contribution to those possibilities.
Years 5-9
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