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Respect and Responsibility

Promoting values in education

Other States and Territories

The Queensland Department of Education provides resources for teachers in Values Education including websites, publications, units of work, articles and videos.
Northern Territory
Valuing the EsseNTials is the Northern Territory project in response to national values education initiatives. The website contains links to resources related to the EsseNTials project.
Western Australia
Browse the CMIS Resource Bank for local, national and international teaching and learning materials related to values education.
South Australia
This website is a joint partnership between The Department of Education and Children’s Services, Catholic Education SA and the Association of Independent Schools South Australia. It is designed to keep schools well informed and able to engage with values education in a variety of ways. The site contains information about values education initiatives, both nationally and in the state of South Australia. It provides information about available resources as well as case study information from schools.
The Department of Education Tasmania has a comprehensive resource list including reference to a number of websites to support the teaching and learning of values education.
Australian Capital Territory
The ACT Department of Education and Training provides a reference related to ‘Being Australian’. The site contains a list of resources and links designed to support teaching and learning in civics and citizenship education. The viewer is provided with suggestions for focus on issues of Australian identity, Australian beliefs and values and Australia's role in the world community. 
The Victorian Education Channel links school students, teachers and principals to online resources that have been recommended and reviewed by educators. Search for links and resources related to values education.
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