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Respect and Responsibility

Promoting values in education

Student Welfare/Human Rights/Peer Support/Leadership

Student Wellbeing
This website provides information on a range of services, activities and programs to support and enhance student wellbeing. Resources include links to Anti-bullying and Peer Mediation.
Years K-12
Anti-Racism Programs and Resources

This site outlines information about teaching and learning resources to support schools in addressing the values of respect and responsibility. Programs and resources outlined include:

  • Cooling Conflicts - a conflict management program involving drama techniques
  • Identity, Culture and Conflict - a resource kit for secondary schools designed to address issues of racism and Australia's cultural and linguistic diversity and Reconciliation
  • Prejudice. No Way! - a teaching resource for use with K-3 aimed at assisting students to develop the values, skills and knowledge to respect and value themselves and others.
Years K-12
Student Leadership
This site offers information, activities and guidelines for establishing student leadership programs and Student Representative Councils (SRCs). These programs enable students to share and contribute their ideas and skills. Once established, the programs become effective vehicles for encouraging participation in activities related to respect and responsibility.
Years K-12
Towards Wholeness
http://www.cecnsw.catholic.edu.au/Towards_Wholeness_2004_Final.pdf (Years K-6)
http://www.cecnsw.catholic.edu.au/wholeness3a.asp (Years 7-10)
Support documents for teaching PDHPE in Catholic schools. They complement the NSW Catholic Education Commission’s other documents in the area of personal development and values formation.
Years K-10
Human Rights
This document outlines the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Years 5-10
HSC: All My Own Work
This program provides advice to students, parents and teachers on HSC assessments and submitted works. As part of the program students develop a commitment to principles of good scholarship, academic honesty and ethical practices and respect for the fundamental rights, rules and procedures that promote honesty, equity and respect for the integrity of their own work and the work of others.
Years 11-12
Why Should I?
This is a publication written to educate students from 8 to 12 years of age about rules and the law including road rules, crimes and civil wrongs. It is aimed to raise awareness about social responsibility and becoming responsible citizens. There is use of cartoons, humour and group exercises to encourage understanding about the topics presented. Each school in NSW has been presented with a complimentary copy. For additional copies and enquiries about the book contact The Law Society of NSW.
Years 3-7
Racism. No Way.
Racism. No Way is an anti-racism project that aims to assist Australian schools to recognise and address racism in the learning environment. The site contains links to support materials, anti-racism education programs and strategies, student activities, games and competitions and lists of reference materials.
Years 4-12
Bullying. No Way
This site highlights effective strategies to combat bullying, harassment and violence in school communities throughout Australia.
Years K-12
Human Rights Education Resources
This website offers a structured human rights education program for use of teachers in Australian classrooms. The program has detailed links to the curricula of each state and territory and includes strategies for teaching about international instruments and domestic laws, but most importantly, encourages students to explore the relevance of human rights to their own experiences and communities.
Years 5-12
Restorative Justice
This is a website established by the Australian Government Quality Teacher Program: NSW. The site contains information and resources on wide range of whole school and cross-curricular projects related to the teaching of respect and responsibility.
Years K-12
National Safe Schools Framework
The National Safe Schools Framework website contains a wealth of information, including case studies and links to other sites, to assist schools in developing policies and practices around bullying, harassment and child protection.
Years K-12
Discrimination in Sport – Play by the Rules
Play by the Rules provides information and online learning about making sport fun, safe and fair. The site contains details on how to prevent and deal with discrimination, harassment and child abuse for the sport and recreation industry.
Years 3-12
Good Grief
Explores the knowledge and skills needed to understand and work with loss and grief. It is based on building effective relationships with families, peers and teachers in ways that respect their integrity and are culturally sensitive.
Years K-12
Values - Think Quest
This site contains a number of teaching and learning activities based on values including respect and responsibility. Students are challenged to solve moral dilemmas and can view student-performed drama in the ‘Moral Combat Theatre’.
Years 3-6
Museum of Tolerance
This site contains individual lesson plans covering topics including Power of Words and Images, Dynamics of Discrimination, Pursuit of Democracy and Diversity and Personal Responsibility. The website also has links to a multimedia library resource centre.
Years 5-12
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