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Respect and Responsibility

Promoting values in education

Values, Respect and Responsibility

Values in NSW Government Schools
The document, Values in NSW public schools, outlines the NSW Government’s comprehensive and multifaceted approach to values education and defines the core values to be used in NSW public schools.
Years K-12
Catholic schools Values education program
All Catholic schools are grounded in the teachings of Christ and service to the community. Catholic schools offer a curriculum which enhances the spiritual, aesthetic, social, emotional, intellectual, physical, moral and cultural development of each student. All Catholic schools are encouraged to conduct a Values education program, contributing in the promotion of holistic student growth that aims to assist all students to positively influence contemporary Australian culture.
Read more about Values Education in Catholic schools.
The Association of Independent Schools - Values Education
The independent sector in NSW is made up of a diverse range of schools of varying size, religious affiliation and educational philosophy. Independent schools regard values education as a fundamental aspect of their school ethos and mission and are supported in exploring ways to further consolidate values education as an integral component of policy, practice and curriculum.
Read more about values education in independent schools.
Values Education
This NSW Department of Education and Training website provides resources for values education, related information and links and contact details for further information.
Years K-12
Respect and Responsibility Review of Resources
Follow this link to locate reviews on resources to support the teaching of respect and responsibility.
Years K-12
Values Education and Respect and Responsibility
Find out about professional development opportunities and resources including forums, student competitions and conferences that support the teaching of respect and responsibility. There are numerous suggestions to enhance the teaching and learning of these values in school communities.
Years K-12
Values Education in Australia
The Values Education website is a ‘dynamic portal for Australian school communities’. Schools can access up-to-date information on state and national events, projects and initiatives. The site contains a wealth of information on teaching resources and links to other values education websites.
Years K-12
Values for Australian Schooling Kit
This is an integrated package of resources for primary and secondary schools, distributed to every school in Australia. A PDF copy of the print materials can be downloaded from the website.
Years K-12
Respect and Responsibility Literature
This website contains book titles and literature-based activities for teachers and students. The activities have been devised to assist students with making connections between the values in books, including respect and responsibility, and real-life contexts.
Years 2-8
Values Education Study
This study is designed to 'enable schools to develop and demonstrate current practice in values education; provide an informed basis for promoting improved values education in Australian schools; and make recommendations on a set of Principles and a Framework for improved values education in Australian schools.'
Years K-12
Living Values Education Program
This is a global values education program that offers a variety of educational values activities to enable students to explore and develop twelve key universal values including respect and responsibility.
Years K-12
Environmental Education
This resource assists teachers to provide students with an opportunity to understand environmental issues in order to make informed decisions and take responsible action. Links to curriculum resources and other support materials are also provided.
Years K-12
New Zealand Foundation for Character Education
'Cornerstone Values is a comprehensive values curriculum with a school-wide appeal which addresses … the teaching of values.'
Years K-12
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