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Respect and Responsibility

Promoting values in education

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Beverly Hills Public School

Debbie Sutton, Principal

Tel +61 2 9580 5074

Dimensions: Cultural Awareness, Student Welfare, Community Partnerships, Curriculum

Strengthening Core Values

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Beverly Hills Public School has a student population of 460, 87% of whom are from a non-English speaking background.

Since 1996 the school student welfare and discipline policy has been based on the school's eight core values that include respect and responsibility. The leadership challenge was to design initiatives to strengthen and refresh the existing positive school culture.

Elements of the school plan focus on:

  • the consistent use of good manners
  • ensuring that students know and understand the words of the National Anthem and School Song
  • students taking responsibility for maintaining an orderly classroom and a clean playground
  • students using an appropriate manner of speech when talking to parent helpers and teachers
  • appropriate behaviour on the sporting field
  • celebrating days of cultural and historical significance such as Harmony Day and Anzac Day
  • encouraging parents to set a positive example within the school.

Existing school systems and practices have been aligned to support the Respect and Responsibility initiative in the school plan.

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