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Respect and Responsibility

Promoting values in education

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Henschke Primary School, Wagga Wagga

Olivia Schultz, Curriculum Coordinator

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Dimensions: Student Welfare, Human Rights

You Can Do It

This year Henschke Primary School has introduced a program developed by Dr Michael E. Bernard called You Can Do It! after hearing some fantastic success stories from other schools in our regional area that have adopted this program.

Much of the success of You Can Do It can be attributed to its positive aim of the acquisition of life skills. The focus is not on inappropriate behaviour, but rather on learning social skills that help you to achieve success in all areas of life.

The program teaches four foundations: Confidence, Persistence, Organisation, and Getting Along. These are taught from Kindergarten to Year 6 so all students and teachers speak the same language and have the same expectations. This has assisted our children to take responsibility for their own choices and actions.

Particular skills such as 'working tough' when things get hard and not giving in to difficult situations and irrational thoughts have made our students more resilient learners. They practise owning up to their individual responsibilities and having the confidence to cope with pressures and expectations.

The You Can Do It program aims to develop the potential of each and every student in a positive way, through active involvement with parents, teachers and peers.

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