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Respect and Responsibility

Promoting values in education

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Merrylands High School

Belinda Giudice, Student Welfare Coordinator

Tel +61 2 9632 9401

Dimensions: Inter-school Programs, Student Welfare, Leadership, Peer Support, Cultural Awareness

The 3 R's: Respect - Responsibility - Right Choice

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Merrylands High School is a coeducational, comprehensive high school in South-Western Sydney. Our school has an enrolment of 800 students; 62% of students come from language backgrounds other than English and over 50 cultures are represented at our school.

Through our ethos, practice and beliefs we exercise and teach the importance of student respect and responsibility in and beyond the school environment. Our school community and NSW Public Education is committed to producing students that belong to and represent a civil, caring and just society. This includes the contribution to a socially cohesive and culturally rich society.

We are employing a Values Education approach at our school and across six neighbouring partner public schools.

Respect and responsibility are important values at Merrylands High School.
Our school's core beliefs and philosophy of 'right choice' and 'consequence of action' has impacted positively on the school community in developing a values-rich culture.

A 'whole-school' approach impacts on student learning through a collaborative approach of staff, parents and students. Home-school partnerships promote respect and responsibility. Student leaders have a great impact on other students across the school.

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