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2. Awarding grades

Schools are responsible for awarding each student who completes a Stage 5 course or a Stage 6 Preliminary course (except Life Skills and VET courses) a grade to represent that student’s achievement. The grade is reported on the student’s RoSA or HSC Record of Achievement.

Teachers make professional on-balance judgements to decide which grade description best matches the standards their students have achieved.

Students with special education needs may require adjustments to assessment activities to enable access to the task and equitable opportunity to demonstrate what they know and can do.

Teachers follow a process of ‘moderation’ to ensure that grades awarded are consistent with published standards. This means that the grade a student receives in one school can be compared to the same grade anywhere in NSW.

Teachers moderate their judgements by comparing work samples for their students with samples aligned to grades A to E. These are available for a selection of courses on the ARC (Stage 5) and the RoSA website (Stage 6 Preliminary).

There are many suitable methods that schools may consider appropriate in supporting teacher judgements about student achievement. Two possible approaches are available through the link below:
Methods 1 and 2 for awarding grades

Below are links for Stage 5 and Stage 6 Preliminary courses grading:
Course performance descriptors (Stage 5 Board developed courses)
Common Grade Scale (Stage 5 non-Board developed courses)
Common grade scale for Preliminary courses (Stage 6)

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