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Year 11: Music 2 Preliminary

Activity name: Summarising information about a current development in Music 2 Preliminary

Grade Student work samples
Grade A Pat   Audio file (MP3)
Tai   Audio file (MP3)
Kai   Audio file (MP3)
Dale   Audio file (MP3)
Sasha   Audio file (MP3)
Grade B Hayley   Audio file (MP3)
Jaylen   Audio file (MP3)
Lou   Audio file (MP3)
Ali   Audio file (MP3)
Grade C No samples
Grade D No samples
Grade E No samples

Description of activity

Students are to compose a duet for the two lines provided. All compositions will be written in Baroque style and demonstrate homophonic and polyphonic writing. Students will demonstrate the use of Baroque composition techniques.


Students have been studying the music of the Baroque composers, Bach and Handel, from the mandatory topic: Music 1600–1900. They have analysed the works using the concepts of music.

Areas for assessment/Strands



  • P2 demonstrates an understanding of the concepts of music, by interpreting, analysing, discussing, creating and notating a variety of musical symbols characteristically used in the mandatory and additional topics
  • P3 composes, improvises and analyses melodies and accompaniments for familiar sound sources in solo and/or small ensembles
  • P4 creates, improvises and notates music which is representative of the mandatory and additional topics and demonstrates different social, cultural and historical contexts
  • P5 analyses and discusses compositional processes with stylistic, historical, cultural and musical considerations
  • P6 discusses and evaluates music making constructive suggestions about performances and compositions
  • P8 understands the capabilities of performing media, explores and uses current technologies as studied
  • P9 identifies, recognises, experiments with, and discusses the use of technology in music

Criteria for assessing learning

(These criteria would normally be communicated to students with the activity.)

Students will be assessed on their ability to:

  • compose a two-part work in a Baroque style
  • compose using homophonic and polyphonic styles
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