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Information for students

The Record of School Achievement (RoSA) is a credential that shows your school achievement from Year 10 up to when you leave school.

The RoSA:

  • Is a credential for eligible school leavers (students are generally eligible for the RoSA after four years of secondary school).
  • Is a cumulative credential – that is, it grows as your achievements are added.
  • Means fair grades for everyone – RoSA grades are determined by your teachers using established guidelines and processes to ensure consistency.
  • Recognises Life Skills outcomes and content.

If you intend to leave school before the HSC, you also have the option of taking literacy and numeracy tests and you can use your results as evidence of these skills if you leave school.

BOSTES has a website called up2now – my ongoing learning portfolio, which allows students to record, organise and share evidence of their extracurricular achievements, such as first-aid qualifications or volunteer work.

The best source of information is Students Online, a website developed by BOSTES exclusively for senior students in NSW to provide information about their study.

Visit Students Online for more about eligibility for the Record of School Achievement and also the optional literacy and numeracy tests.

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