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Special Education Needs

We’ve now updated this information, and you can find it over on our new website: Disability provisions

Supporting teachers of students with special education needs – Disability provisions (formerly special examination provisions)

Frequently asked questions

What are disability provisions?

Disability provisions are granted to provide students who have disability needs with practical support in the School Certificate tests and the Higher School Certificate examinations. Students' disability needs may include learning, medical, vision or hearing difficulties.

Examples of provisions may include: Braille or large print papers, use of a writer and/or reader, use of an interpreter, extension of test time, rest breaks, use of a personal computer, separate exam supervision, individual supervision, and permission to take medication.

For more information refer to the Disability provisions section.

Can disability provisions be implemented for students in school-based assessments?

Yes, principals have the authority to decide on and to implement disability provisions for school-based assessment tasks including examinations.

For more information, see the ACE website.

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