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Business Services Curriculum Framework – Stage 6 Syllabus Part B

Compulsory units of competency
Unit title Unit code and PDF download Unit code and Word document download Publication date
Communicate in the workplace BSBCMM201A (9 pages, 84 KB) BSBCMM201A (9 pages, 112 KB) 26 August 2008
Deliver a service to customers BSBCUS201B (10 pages, 84 KB) BSBCUS201B (10 pages, 116 KB) Updated December 2012
Work effectively in a business environment BSBIND201A (12 pages, 96 KB) BSBIND201A (12 pages, 128 KB) 26 August 2008
Process and maintain workplace information BSBINM201A (8 pages, 76 KB) BSBINM201A (8 pages, 100 KB) 26 August 2008
Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices BSBSUS201A (8 pages, 76 KB) BSBSUS201A (8 pages, 100 KB) Updated July 2009
Contribute to health and safety of self and others


PDF Safety – HSC Requirements and Advice
Also available in Word format
Updated February 2013
Organise and complete daily work activities BSBWOR202A (8 pages, 80 KB) BSBWOR202A (8 pages, 108 KB) 26 August 2008
Work effectively with others BSBWOR203B (7 pages, 72 KB) BSBWOR203B (7 pages, 96 KB) Updated December 2012
Use business technology BSBWOR204A (4 pages, 48 KB) BSBWOR204A (4 pages, 68 KB) 26 August 2008

Details of any updated/compulsory units of competency, as well as HSC elective units of competency (including those in the specialisation study), are available in the Business Services Training Package (BSB07 at http://training.gov.au).

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