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Information regarding the HSC examination in Dance from 2010

Decisions made by the Board of Studies in December 2008 have resulted in changes to some HSC examinations in 2010 and beyond.

In the Dance HSC examination in 2010 and beyond:

  • The viva voces have been removed from all practical components of the Dance examination, with the following provisions:
    • in Core and Major Study performance, an interview takes place between the examiners and the students to allow students to orally and physically explain key features of their performance
    • students undertaking a Core Composition, Major Study Composition or a Major Study in the Dance and Technology components are required to submit to the examiners a 300-word rationale. Students will have the opportunity to orally and physically elaborate on their process of composition or technology option.

The 2010 Dance HSC written examinations (Core Appreciation and Major Study Appreciation) will have the same format and structure as past Dance HSC written examinations. Working through past HSC examinations would be a valuable part of a student's preparation program for the 2010 HSC examination in this course. The nature, format and particular emphasis of questions may change from year to year. It is important that students read and respond to the questions in examinations rather than prepare a response to a preconceived idea of what the question will entail.

The Dance HSC examination specifications now give guidance on the expected length of extended responses, stated in terms of the approximate number of pages of an examination writing booklet (based on average-sized handwriting) and/or an approximate number of words. Students may write less than or more than what is expected and they will not be penalised. Their responses will be marked on the structure and organisation of responses, the quality of the arguments and explanations, and the relevance of the content to the question asked.

The Board also decided that rubrics be amended (where necessary) to ensure that due emphasis is placed on these qualities in the marking of responses.

More details about the examination, and information about assessment components and weightings are in Assessment and Reporting in Dance Stage 6.

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