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HSC assessment grid for Engineering Studies - 2013

This sample illustrates one way in which an assessment program can be constructed to meet the Board's parameters that three to five tasks are sufficient for a two unit course and two to three tasks are sufficient for a one unit course. It shows that a variety of tasks can be used and that, overall, the weighting requirements for each of the assessment components are met.

There are many other ways in which similar HSC assessment grids could be constructed that may involve different types of tasks, timing of tasks and weightings given to each task.

Schools may use this assessment grid without modification, or change it to suit their particular needs, being mindful that the weightings for each of the assessment components in the HSC course are mandatory.

Engineering Studies Sample HSC Assessment Grid
Component Task 1 Task 2 Task 3 Task 4 Weighting
  Design, building and testing Research Task Engineering Report Trial HSC written examination  
Term 4, Week 7 Term 1, Week 6 Term 2, Week 6 Term 3,
Wk 1–2
H2.1, H3.1, H5.2, H6.2 H1.1, H3.1, H4.1, H6.1 H2.2, H3.2

H1.2, H3.1 H3.3, H4.2

Knowledge and understanding of engineering principles and developments in technology 10 15 10 15 50
Skills in research, problem solving and communication related to engineering 5 10 5 10 30
Understanding of the scope and role of engineering including management and problem solving 5 5 5 5 20
Marks 20 30 20 30 100
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