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Food Technology – 2011 HSC Specimen Examination


The amended Food Technology Stage 6 Syllabus was implemented for Year 11 students in 2010 and will be first examined in the 2011 Higher School Certificate. The Food Technology HSC examination specifications can be found in Assessment and reporting in Food Technology.

This package contains:

The examination will consist of four sections. There will be approximately equal weighting of each of the four core strands across the examination as a whole. Questions may require students to integrate knowledge, understanding and skills developed through studying the entire course, rather than focusing on a particular core strand.

The specimen paper is one example of the type of examination that could be prepared within the examination specifications in the revised Food Technology syllabus. Examinations will be based on the syllabus, and will test a representative sample of syllabus outcomes. Therefore, the range and balance of outcomes tested in HSC examinations may differ from those addressed in this specimen paper.

There are a number of points to note in considering the Food Technology specimen paper:

  • The format of the specimen paper reflects the new examination specifications. In subsequent examinations, the style and structure of the questions may differ from those in the specimen paper.
  • A rubric indicating general criteria for judging performance for extended-response questions has been placed at the beginning of Section III and Section IV to clearly indicate the factors that will be used to assess responses to the question(s). These criteria are in addition to criteria specific to each question.
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