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History Extension

New History Extension Stage 6 syllabus for implementation from 2018 is now available on the NSW Syllabuses website.
NESA is converting the HSIE Years 7–10 elective courses into an online interactive syllabus.
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2010 HSC and beyond
History Extension Syllabus (content unchanged)
Published 24 August 2009
Also available inWord format
Published 24 August 2009

Assessment and examination materials

2010 HSC and beyond
Assessment and reporting in History Extension
Published 24 August 2009
History Extension – sample assessment schedule
Published 16 October 2009
History Extension sample writing booklet
Published April 2014
Information regarding the 2010 HSC examination in History Extension
Updated 17 November 2009
History Extension – Summary of HSC examination specifications and assessment requirements
Published 16 February 2009
History Extension – HSC examination rubrics
Updated March 2015

Other support materials

History Extension Source Book of Readings (PDF)
Also available in Word format
History Extension Support Document (PDF)
Also available in Word format
History Extension – Frequently Asked Questions and their Answers
Also available in PDF format
Also available in Word format
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Archived material
Previous material developed in relation to the History Extension syllabus. Aspects of these documents no longer apply; however, they have been archived for reference.
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