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7 Objectives and Outcomes

7.2 Key Competencies

Information Processes and Technology Stage 6 provides a context within which to develop general competencies considered essential for the acquisition of effective, higher-order thinking skills necessary for further education, work and everyday life.

Key competencies are embedded in the Information Processes and Technology Stage 6 Syllabus to enhance student learning. The key competencies of

  • collecting, analysing and organising information
  • communicating ideas and information
  • using technology

reflect core processes of information systems inquiry and are explicit in the objectives and outcomes of the syllabus.

The other key competencies are developed through the methodologies of the syllabus and through classroom pedagogy. Students work as individuals and as members of teams in both Preliminary and HSC projects, to conduct investigations on information systems, and through this, the key competencies of

  • planning and organising activities
  • working with others and in teams

are developed. When students construct Gantt charts or analyse statistical evidence, they are developing the key competency

  • using mathematical ideas and techniques.

Finally, the exploration of issues and investigation of the nature of problems associated with information systems contributes towards the students' development of the key competency of

  • solving problems.
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