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Syllabus Documentation

Revised Syllabus
Word format
(83 pages, 725 KB)
Acrobat PDF
(83 pages, 225K)

Support Documentation

Stage 5 English Course Performance Descriptors
(to be used for grading for the Record of School Achievement)

Advice on Programming and Assessment
Word format
(48 pages, 1.1MB)
Acrobat PDF
(48 pages, 296K)

Fiction, Film and other TextsA support document for the English Years 7–10 Syllabus
Word format
(108 pages, 528K)
Acrobat PDF
(108 pages, 336K)

Suggested K–10 English texts

This is a compilation of quality reading and viewing resources for teachers. The list includes a variety of types of texts including fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama, film, media and multimedia. The annotations include a summary of the story, relevant themes, age appropriateness and genre.

Life Skills Outcomes Worksheet
Word format
(1 page, 53KB)
Acrobat PDF
(1 page, 94KB)

ICT Skills Reference

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