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Syllabus Documentation

Mathematics Years 7–10 Syllabus
(reprint including Life Skills)
Acrobat PDF
(195 pages, 2.5MB)

Word format
Part 01 Intro
(14 pages, 580KB)
Part 02 Outcomes
(31 pages, 784KB)
Part 03 Number
(31 pages, 1MB)
Part 04 Patterns
(34 pages, 980KB)
Part 05 Data
(7 pages, 420KB)
Part 06 Measurement
(25 pages, 652KB)
Part 07 Space
(24 pages, 584KB)
Part 08 Life Skills
(25 pages, 660KB)
Part 09 Assessment
(4 pages, 460KB)

Support Documentation

Stage 5 Mathematics Course Performance Descriptors
(to be used for grading for the Record of School Achievement)

Advice on Programming and Assessment
Word format
(48 pages, 2.9MB)
OR as separated Word files
maths_supp_01 (552KB)
maths_supp_02 (484KB)
maths_supp_03a_shape (320KB)
maths_supp_03b_fraction (428KB)
maths_supp_03c_trigonometry (404KB)
maths_supp_03d_graph_01 (472KB)
maths_supp_03e_graph_02 (968KB)
Acrobat PDF
(48 pages, 700KB)

Life Skills Outcomes Worksheet
Word format
(3 pages, 98KB)
Acrobat PDF
(3 pages, 156KB)

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