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Statement of Values


BOSTES is responsible for the provision of quality curriculum and other materials for Kindergarten to Year 12, the development of quality assessment and examination materials and awarding secondary school credentials, the Record of School Achievement and Higher School Certificate. BOSTES is also responsible for the registration and accreditation of non-government schools and home schooling, as well as maintaining and monitoring teaching standards, including teacher accreditation.

BOSTES acknowledges the central role of education for intellectual, physical, social, moral and spiritual development. It provides syllabuses and other materials that support students, schools, teachers, parents and other stakeholders in the interactive process of teaching and learning.

The following values are used by BOSTES to inform the development of syllabuses and other materials:

Supporting statements that explicate these values appear below.


BOSTES is committed to excellence and demonstrates this by:

  • acknowledging the learning potential of every student and providing a curriculum that engages and challenges them to maximise their talents and capabilities
  • placing a high value on the attainment of knowledge and skills, and enhancing students’ capacity for inquiry, rational discourse, creativity and analytical reflection
  • providing for high standards of achievement and enjoyment of learning through the promotion of quality teaching, learning and assessment practices
  • empowering students to plan, reflect on and adapt the way they learn and to develop positive attitudes towards learning throughout their lives
  • providing a continuum of learning to support key transitions by students into, within and beyond schooling including further learning and employment
  • providing students with opportunities to develop and extend their use of the English language
  • promoting innovation in the use of current and emerging technologies.

Respect and responsibility

BOSTES is committed to respect and responsibility and demonstrates this by:

  • recognising students as active citizens and community members with a range of rights and responsibilities
  • encouraging responsibility and recognising the need for considered judgement and actions based on ethical considerations
  • enabling students to develop a positive sense of self-worth and self-awareness, and optimism about their lives and future
  • encouraging respect for others and an acceptance of students’ right to hold different views, opinions and beliefs
  • providing opportunities for students to explore, reflect on and further develop their personal values.

Equity and justice

BOSTES is committed to equity and justice and demonstrates this by:

  • encouraging students to develop knowledge, skills, values and attitudes based on principles of equity, social justice and reconciliation
  • promoting equity in society and before the law, and participation in democratic processes
  • encouraging students to participate actively as individuals and as cooperative members of a group
  • promoting contributions by all people to society regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, age, beliefs, socioeconomic status, location, sexuality or disability
  • enabling students to understand the causes of conflict and contribute to its peaceful resolution.


BOSTES is committed to inclusivity and demonstrates this by:

  • providing all students with opportunities to access the curriculum, to participate as active learners and to demonstrate achievement
  • valuing and promoting the participation of families and communities in students’ development and learning
  • recognising students as individuals who learn at different rates and in different ways
  • valuing and reflecting the unique and distinct place that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have in Australian society
  • embracing difference and diversity and promoting intercultural understanding
  • valuing the diverse cultures, backgrounds, experiences, abilities, religions, beliefs and lifestyles of people in Australia and the world.

Environmental sustainability

BOSTES is committed to environmental sustainability and demonstrates this by:

  • encouraging students to appreciate the complexity and fragility of the Australian and global biophysical environment
  • promoting rational, informed and sensitive consideration of the environment by students and across the community
  • promoting appreciation and awareness of the interdependence of all elements of the environment
  • encouraging interest and active participation in initiatives to promote sustainability and the preservation of natural and cultural environments and heritage
  • valuing biodiversity and recognising the need to preserve habitats and to protect all species
recognising the need for economic development while ensuring long-term environmental sustainability.
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