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Results Analysis Package – HSC

How did my students perform in individual items in the HSC?

Did individual students perform as expected in particular items?

  • HSC RAP enables teachers to compare their school’s performance in a course to the performance of the whole state candidature on either a whole course mark or performance band basis, and on a question-by-question basis (called item analysis).
Graph titled Item Analysis - Business Studies Frequency Distribution Question: 21b

RAP enhancements

  • A function that allows teachers to view the item analysis frequency distribution of student responses for cohorts of three or more students.
  • A further feature that has been included is the ability of a teacher to click on a mark and see the student(s) who gained that mark.
  • The Principal’s Result List, School Group Statistics and the Components Report will be available on RAP with interactive functions to enable filtering of the data for ease of use. The Principal’s Result List and School Group Statistics will be available on the day of results release and the Components Report soon after.
  • The Marks Comparison feature that shows the School Assessment Marks, Moderated Assessment Marks and Examination Marks will be extended to include the HSC Marks for each course.
  • In the ‘Memos and Documents’ section on Schools Online, there has been an ‘Access to the RAP’ PowerPoint added to the existing RAP training materials. This PowerPoint provides a step-by-step demonstration for principals and delegates on giving access to teachers.
RAP Mark Comparison showing four charts: School Assessment, Moderated Assessment, Exam Mark and HSC Mark
Screen shot of RAP Principals Result List
Screen shot of RAP School Group Statistics

RAP includes Stage 5 and Preliminary Grade Analyses

  • The Grade Analysis feature allows schools to view their historical patterns of grades in different ways. Percentages of grades awarded for a particular course can be displayed in different graphical formats, and a variety of data sets can be displayed on the same graph.
  • The Grade History graphs enable schools to view their pattern of grades for each course over time.

Results Analysis Package Automatic Subscription

Schools presenting candidates for the HSC examinations will be invoiced automatically early in Term 4. The 2015 RAP subscription is $218; this gives schools access to all the new enhancements as well as data dating back to 2001.

The package will be available, on the day that the HSC results are released, to those schools who have paid for the subscription.

Schools that do not want to receive RAP for 2015 can ignore the invoice or advise us by email at publicationsales@bostes.nsw.edu.au.

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