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The Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards NSW (BOSTES)

BOSTES was created by the NSW government in 2014 to sustain and improve the already high standards of achievement in NSW schools.

BOSTES brings together the curriculum, teaching, assessment, registration and policy functions previously provided by the Board of Studies NSW, and the NSW Institute of Teachers. Read more about BOSTES.

Latest News

Latest news

2014 HSC Written Examinations

2014 HSC written examinations

The 2014 HSC written examination period is from Monday, 13 October to Wednesday, 5 November 2014. View the full 2014 HSC written examination timetable on the Students Online website.

HSC students need their Student Number and PIN to access their:

  • Assessment ranks from 5–19 November
  • HSC results online or by SMS 17 December (pre-register for SMS now)

Students should activate their Students Online account to create their PIN or find out how to change their PIN if forgotten.

Teacher Accreditation

Teacher accreditation

Accreditation supports quality teaching and recognises the invaluable role teachers play in the community. To start or return to working as a teacher in a NSW school, you must be accredited with the BOSTES.

Visit the BOSTES teacher accreditation website (previously the NSW Institute of Teachers website) for information about the requirements and processes for teacher accreditation in NSW.

Great Teaching, 	Inspired Learning

Great Teaching, Inspired Learning

Great Teaching, Inspired Learning sets a new direction for improving teacher quality and student learning outcomes in NSW schools. It will help students to achieve better results by researching and sharing what makes an excellent teacher, and supporting the career-long professional development of all teachers.

Visit the Teacher Accreditation website for more information about Great Teaching, Inspired Learning – a Blueprint for Action, which outlines 47 actions to improve the already high standards of teaching in NSW.

Replacement Certificates

Replacement certificates

The BOSTES provides replacement statements for lost or mislaid certificates issued by the Board of Studies, past Boards or the New South Wales Department of Education. Replacement statements can be provided for Intermediate Certificate, Leaving Certificate, School Certificate, RoSA, Year 11 Preliminary Certificate, Higher School Certificate, TER/TES and Year 10,11 or 12 Statement of Attainments/Result Notice.

Professional Development

Professional Development

High-quality professional development (PD) helps teachers to continuously improve and maintain their teaching practice and develop their careers.

BOSTES presents a range of workshops throughout the year and coordinates a rigorous process of endorsing providers. Visit the Teacher Accreditation website for more information about professional development providers.



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