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Registration of schools

The Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards is responsible for monitoring the compliance of non-government schools with the registration and accreditation requirements of the Education Act 1990.

Registration is a non-government school's licence to operate under the Act.

Accreditation authorises a non-government school to present candidates for the award of the Record of School Achievement and/or Higher School Certificate.

Information about registration and accreditation is available on the School Registration (RANGS) website.

The requirements for registration and accreditation are detailed in the registration manuals.

This section provides a list of registered non-government schools in New South Wales, a list of new non-government schools and closed non-government schools.

If you are looking for a NSW Government school, please visit the Department of Education and Communities web site.

Approval of school providers

BOSTES also administers the approval process for school providers to deliver courses to overseas students in New South Wales.

Information about approval to deliver courses to overseas students is available on the Schools with overseas students section.

The requirements for approval are detailed in the guidelines.

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