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About the RoSA

Eligibility for the Record of School Achievement (RoSA)

To qualify for the RoSA, a student must have:
  • Attended a government school, an accredited non-government school or a recognised school outside NSW.
  • Completed courses of study that satisfy BOSTES’ curriculum and assessment requirements for the RoSA.
  • Complied with all requirements imposed by the Minister or BOSTES.
  • Completed Year 10.

Students leaving school who do not meet the RoSA requirements will be issued with a printed Transcript of Study.

A credential for school leavers

While formal RoSA credentials are for school leavers, all Years 10 and 11 students will be able to access their results electronically and print a transcript of their results.

  • Students who leave school and satisfy eligibility requirements for the RoSA will receive the formal credential.
  • Students who leave school and are not eligible for a RoSA will receive a Transcript of Study at their departure. The Transcript of Study contains the same information as the RoSA for courses satisfactorily completed.
  • All students have access to a record of their courses studied and their grades through Students Online.
  • Students who receive their HSC will be able to receive a RoSA at the same time as their HSC, detailing their achievement in their earlier years of study.
  • Schools can enter leavers via Schools Online.

Mandatory curriculum requirements

The RoSA requires mandatory completion of a number of subjects. BOSTES has the full list of requirements.

Life Skills

Courses based on Life Skills outcomes and content satisfy the mandatory curriculum requirements for award of the RoSA. The Profile of Student Achievement provides details on Life Skills syllabus outcomes achieved by students.

  • A Profile of Student Achievement is printed and issued by BOSTES to students at the same time as their RoSA (or if ineligible for the RoSA, with the Transcript of Study). Students can access a record of outcomes achieved via Students Online.
  • Teachers are required to indicate outcomes achieved by students in Years 10, 11 and 12 for each course based on Life Skills outcomes and content through Schools Online.
  • When entering information, teachers can select from two options:
    • Achieved – for outcomes achieved independently or with adjustments required for demonstration on the same basis as their peers.
    • Achieved with support – for outcomes achieved with additional support, such as visual or verbal prompts.

    Outcomes that have not been addressed in the teaching and learning program or that the student has not achieved will remain indicated as ‘Not applicable’.

  • BOSTES has prepared a step–by–step guide to assist teachers to enter outcomes.

School attendance

  • BOSTES does not set a minimum attendance for the satisfactory completion of a course, but a principal may determine that, due to absence, course completion criteria may not be met.
  • One requirement for the RoSA is that a student must attend until the final day of Year 10 at their school.

‘N’ determinations

‘N’ determinations are issued to students who do not complete the requirements for a course.

  • Schools issue warning letters to students who are in danger of not meeting course completion criteria, giving the student time for the problem to be corrected.
  • If a student has been given an ‘N’ determination in a mandatory course, they will not be eligible for the RoSA. If they leave school, they will receive a Transcript of Study that will list the mandatory course(s) for which an ‘N’ determination was given. The words ‘Not completed’ will appear next to each ‘N’ determined course.
  • If a student is given an ‘N’ determination in a non-mandatory course, the course will not appear on their RoSA or Transcript of Study.

A principal with appropriate delegation by BOSTES may determine that a student undertaking Stage 6 courses who was ineligible for the RoSA at the end of Year 10 because of failure to meet the requirements has subsequently met the requirements and is therefore eligible for the RoSA.
The principal is required to notify BOSTES of any such redemption and eligibility for the RoSA.

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