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Information for parents and employers

The Record of School Achievement (RoSA) is the credential for students who leave school after Year 10 and before they receive their Higher School Certificate (HSC).

A cumulative record of all academic achievement
The RoSA is designed to record and credential all of a secondary school student’s academic results up until the HSC.


  • The RoSA will detail grades for courses a student completes right up until the time they leave school.
  • If a student leaves school before receiving a grade in Year 11 or Year 12 courses, their RoSA will record the courses they commenced.
  • This measure acknowledges the fact that some students begin senior secondary study but then leave school for employment or other training opportunities before receiving their HSC.
Fair allocation of grades
It is important for parents, employers and students to know that grades awarded for the RoSA credential are given fairly and consistently.


  • NSW teachers are very experienced in determining the standard of work that warrants a particular grade.
  • The RoSA details grades using an A to E grading scale, and BOSTES will work with teachers to ensure that appropriate standards are developed and applied.
  • BOSTES will also provide schools with information about the historical allocation or patterns of grades awarded by that school over recent years. This will serve as a guide for the allocation of grades to current students.
  • These methods of moderation and monitoring of grades will help ensure that parents and employers can know that a grade awarded in one school is equivalent to the same grade awarded in another school.
Life Skills

Life Skills courses recognise that post-compulsory years of schooling should cater for all students who choose to participate.

BOSTES has developed Life Skills courses in each broad area of learning that can be used to satisfy the mandatory curriculum requirements for the award of the RoSA.


  • If students undertake one or more courses based on Life Skills outcomes and content, they will receive a Profile of Student Achievement. The profile will outline the Life Skills outcomes they have achieved in each course.
  • The Profile of Student Achievement will be printed and issued by BOSTES to students at the same time as their RoSA (or if ineligible for the RoSA, with the Transcript of Study). Students can also access a record of outcomes achieved via Students Online.
  • Life Skills outcomes will be shown on the profile as:
    • Achieved – for outcomes the student has achieved independently
    • Achieved with support – for outcomes that have been achieved with additional support.
Recording extracurricular achievements

BOSTES recognises that many employers are interested in more than academic results and has created a website called up2now – my ongoing learning portfolio, which allows students to record, organise and share evidence of their extracurricular achievements, such as first-aid qualifications or volunteer work.

Literacy and numeracy tests

Students who leave school before they get their HSC have the option to undertake the literacy and numeracy tests.

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