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Copyright FAQs

When do I need copyright permission from the Board of Studies?

  • When you use something that is controlled and protected by crown copyright, meaning, all Board of Studies Material.
  • When the Board’s copyright material has not expired.
  • When your use is not covered by a special exception.

Why do I need a licence?

  • To give you the legal rights to access and use the document in the way that you want to use it (intended usage).
  • To protect you from copyright infringement.
  • It is your legal obligation under the Copyright Act.

Can I use Board of Studies material for commercial/non-commercial purposes?

You can only do this if you have a licence agreement with the Board of Studies.

How do I apply for a licence to use Board of Studies material?

You will need to email our Copyright Officer, Mrs Mila Buraga, at mila.buraga@bos.nsw.edu.au. When you apply for a licence, specify the Board material you want to use, the type and print run of the publication in which it will be used, the format, the recommended retail price and the jurisdiction in which the publication will be distributed.

How much does it cost to have a licence agreement?

The Board requires either a payment of royalties on the sale of your publication(s) or a one-off use fee. The fee varies according to the percentage of Board material used, the print run and format of your publication, the jurisdiction in which your publication is being distributed and the recommended retail price.

What are the implications if I use Board of Studies materials without permission?

  • You will run the risk of being held liable for copyright infringement.
  • It can be costly and time consuming for you if the Board decides to take legal action.

If I have a licence agreement with the Board of Studies, does this automatically allow me to use the Board’s material in any way?

The licence should specify what uses of the copyright work it covers. This is usually specified in the schedule to the licence agreement. Unless the licence covers all possible uses under the economic rights, you will usually need to obtain further permission for additional uses.

How would I go about obtaining copyright approval to use Board of Studies material for my students?

You can contact our Copyright Officer, Mrs Mila Buraga, on 02 9367 8289 or you can email her at mila.buraga@bos.nsw.edu.au.

When will the past HSC papers be available for downloading?

The Higher School Certificate examination papers will be published progressively on the Board’s website once the examinations for that year have finished.

Can I use any Board of Studies materials for my major design project without infringing copyright?

Under the Copyright Act 1968, students may make ‘a fair dealing’ with a copyright work ‘for the purposes of research or study’. Since you are using the materials as part of your major design project, you are covered by the above exemptions.

Can I please have a complete set of the past HSC exam papers?

Unfortunately, due to copyright issues, we are unable to supply you with a complete set of the past HSC exam papers until copyright on third-party materials in the papers is cleared.

If I have a licence agreement, can I use the Board of Studies logo on material that I publish?

The Board of Studies does not allow other organisations to use its logo or name on any material they have written or on any promotional or marketing materials as it could imply tacit approval by the Board of that organisation and/or services being provided by that organisation. The only exception to this rule is where the Board has entered into a joint venture with another government organisation.

Why are some items on past exam papers blanked out and marked ‘Awaiting copyright’?

The materials listed as ‘Awaiting copyright’ on the website belong to third-party copyright owners. Under section 200B of the Copyright Act 1968, copyright material can be used in an examination without the prior permission of the copyright owner so that the contents of the examination cannot become known in advance. Once the examination has been sat, owners of third-party materials are contacted and their permission is sought for their material to be displayed when the papers are published on the Board’s website. While permission is sought, the examination paper is placed on the website with the third-party materials blanked out and listed as ‘Awaiting copyright’. If approval is granted, the material is then displayed on the website. However, if permission is withheld, the Board cannot legally display those materials.

Mila Buraga
Phone: +61 2 9367 8289
Fax: +61 2 9279 1482
Email: mila.buraga@bos.nsw.edu.au
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