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The Australian curriculum in New South Wales




NSW has joined with the Australian Government and all other states and territories in a joint endeavour to develop an Australian curriculum. The Board of Studies NSW is responsible for advising the NSW Minister for Education on the appropriateness of curriculum for NSW schools and the structure and process of its implementation, including with regard to the Australian curriculum.

The development of the Australian curriculum is being coordinated by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) and will occur in three phases. Phase 1 includes English, Mathematics, Science and History. Phase 2 comprises Geography, Languages and the Arts. Details about Phase 3 are to be determined.

Once the Australian curriculum for a learning area is endorsed by state and territory Education Ministers the Board of Studies will commence its syllabus development process. The new syllabuses will include the Australian curriculum and retain many of the features familiar to NSW teachers.

Implementation of the Australian curriculum is the responsibility of states and territories. NSW will implement the Australian curriculum through new syllabuses. The Board of Studies will provide notification and information about changes to NSW syllabuses as they are approved by the NSW Minister for Education.

Credentialing, and related assessment requirements and processes, remain the responsibility of the Board of Studies NSW.

The Board regularly publishes memorandums and news items to provide schools, teachers and the public with important information about the Australian curriculum in NSW.

The Board of Studies maintains a register of curriculum writers and reviewers to undertake tasks at various times of the year on a range of curriculum support projects. This includes projects to implement the Australian curriculum in NSW. Expressions of interest from qualified people are accepted on an ongoing basis.

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