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News, guidelines and contacts


News Page

Guidelines for media

Media access at the start of the HSC written examinations – Monday 13 October

While the needs of media will be accommodated wherever possible, the primary focus of BOSTES is on the wellbeing of candidates and protecting the integrity of the examination process.

It should be noted that access to students in government schools is subject to the approval of the Media Officer NSW Department of Education and Communities and in non-government schools (Catholic and Independent) via permission from the relevant principal at that school.

Access to Exam Centres

There will be a small number of Exam Centres that the media can attend. Access will be limited to the first day of the exams, which will be after the finish of the English Advanced/Standard and English (ESL) examinations on 13 October.

BOSTES reserves the right to restrict access to media outlets if they are not satisfied as to their accreditation.

A media briefing will be prepared for media attending government schools.

To access Catholic and Independent schools, media will need to contact the principal at that school.

At government school visits, all media will be accompanied by a representative from BOSTES and/or a representative from the Department of Education and Communities. Media will need to comply with all directions given.

Access will only take place after the conclusion of the examination (ie when all answers have been collected and related administrative tasks are completed to the satisfaction of the presiding officer) to minimise disruption.

In most cases media attending the Exam Centres will be able to film and interview selected students.

Access to students

Media are asked to respect students travelling to their exams by not approaching them. Media will not be able to enter any government school grounds without showing evidence of prior permission from the Department of Education and Communities.

Access to non-government schools (Catholic Education Office and Association of Independent Schools) will only be possible if the media has been granted access by the principal of that school.

HSC papers

Media can view the format of past HSC papers at any time.

The content of HSC papers is the intellectual property of BOSTES. There are sections that are subject to copyright and cannot be reproduced. When reproducing questions from papers, media must ensure that they are broadcast/reprinted/reproduced in the exact format in which they appear in the HSC paper.

BOSTES Media Contact: 0477 362 546.