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HSC examinations

The Higher School Certificate (HSC) is the highest award in secondary education in New South Wales. To be eligible for the award, students must complete Years 11 and 12, satisfy HSC course requirements and sit for the statewide HSC examinations.

For information about HSC examination papers, Marking Guidelines, Notes from the Marking Centre and other examination resources visit:

2016 HSC written examination timetable

View the date and time for each written exam in the 2016 HSC written examination timetable on Students Online.

View other HSC dates and events.

Examination equipment list

View the list of equipment permitted in each exam in the Examination equipment checklist on Students Online.

Preparing for the exams

Students Online features a range of advice and information to help students prepare for their exams including study tips and materials and what to expect in the examination.

Each year there are some students whose results are not as good as they could be becuase of simple, easily avoidable factors. See the advice for HSC students in the Students Online Exams section that contains important reading and information.

Exam rules and procedures

The main rules and requirements for HSC examinations are set out in the Rules and Procedures for Higher School Certificate Candidates booklet, issued to every student when they begin their HSC study. Every student – by signing their Confirmation of Entry form (PDF) – agrees to abide by these rules. Each year a relatively small number of HSC students are reported for breaching examination rules.

Assessment, Certification and Examination (ACE) website

The Assessment Certification Examination (ACE) website provides current, easily accessible information to principals, teachers, parents and students about the rules and procedures set by the Board of Studies for secondary education in New South Wales.

The ACE website supersedes the ACE Manual (2005) for all information on policies relating to the Higher School Certificate.

Practical exam certification

Students and their schools must certify to the Board the work in a project, submitted work or performance is all their own work (apart from any approved assistance). For more information students should visit the Practical exam certification section of Students Online. Details for principals and teachers about certification are available in the Memos and Documents section in Schools Online.

Disability provisions

If you have a disability that would, in a normal examination situation, prevent you from reading the examination questions and/or communicating responses the Board may approve disability provisions. Read more about disability provisions.

HSC Exam Workbooks to buy

The Board of Studies' HSC Exam Workbooks, available to buy via Shop Online, provide real samples of top students' exam responses, complete with markers' specific comments.

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