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2015 Notes from the Marking Centre – Korean Continuers


This document has been produced for the teachers and candidates of the Stage 6 Korean Continuers course. It contains comments on candidate responses to the 2015 Higher School Certificate examination, indicating the quality of the responses and highlighting their relative strengths and weaknesses.
This document should be read along with:

Oral examination

Characteristics of better responses:

  • detailed and relevant information was provided in response to a range of questions
  • communication was effective and fluent
  • a high level of grammatical accuracy, such as using a variety of conjunctions, and good pronunciation were demonstrated
  • expanded ideas and opinions were presented clearly with a wide range of vocabulary and language structures.

Characteristics of weaker responses:

  • brief information, opinions and ideas were provided ineffectively
  • a limited range of vocabulary was used
  • simple language structures and inaccuracies in grammar were evident
  • some degree of fluency was evident but with repetition and frequent pauses.

Written examination

Section I – Listening and Responding
Characteristics of better responses:

  • there was evidence of analysis, synthesis and evaluation where required
  • all relevant details were provided with appropriate textual references
  • audience, purpose and context were identified where applicable.

Characteristics of weaker responses:

  • simple translations of text were provided and the questions were not fully addressed
  • lists of ideas were presented without much explanation.

Section II – Reading and Responding
Characteristics of better responses:

  • relevant details from the text were included with appropriate examples which supported the response
  • a perceptive understanding of the given texts was demonstrated
  • appropriate references were made to the texts where required.

Characteristics of weaker responses:

  • a translation of the text was provided rather than a response to the question
  • a lack of detailed reference to the text was evident.

Section III – Writing in Korean
Characteristics of better responses:

  • a wide range of vocabulary and language structures were used
  • highly relevant and original ideas that fully addressed the question were presented
  • ideas and information were communicated with a high degree of accuracy, and were structured and sequenced logically and fluently
  • appropriate text-type conventions were used
  • writing demonstrated creativity, and language was manipulated authentically.

Characteristics of weaker responses:

  • inconsistent and/or incorrect tense, register and text-type conventions were used
  • sequence and structure of ideas were lacking, and the use of information relevant to the question was limited
  • ideas were poorly expressed, with many errors in both vocabulary and language structure evident.
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